• Harvest Screen

    • Eliminate crop loss on your pickup header
    • Pays for itself in a few hundred acres.
    • Installs in 10 minutes.
    • Fits any header with a 5″ beam
    • Adjustable angle
  • Heavy Equipment Jack

    • Minimum height of 20.5″ to maximum height of 36.5″.
    • Transport wheels with handlebar for easy maneuvering.
    • Takes the struggle out of lifting heavy equipment and guarantees safety.
  • High Clearance Sprayer Jack

    Be Safe with the High Clearance Sprayer Jack

    • Height-adjustable mast and jack pad for all sprayers.
    • Available for different models.
    •  Range is 41 inch minimum – 75 inches maximum
    • Hydraulic jack not included.
  • H20 FIRE-PRO

    • Provides a source of water for different applications but intended for in-field fire control.
    • Mounts on grain carts, service trucks, ATVs, Side-by-sides etc.
    • 40 gallon tank with high output 12 volt pump
  • Wheel Bolt Torque Stand

    • Single person wheel bolt torquing made easy
    • Multiple cradles for wheel studs of any height, up to 48 inches

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