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Harvest Screen – 6″ Quick Mount (Series 002AA)

Harvest Screen – 6″ Quick Mount (Series 002AA)

Built with a Vinyl-coated polyester industrial screen.

What the screen does is diffuse all pressure and allow swath to fall instead of deflecting out the sides.

By using this approach, it eliminates the need of a frame to contain a solid shield. It also gives you the option of having it quick attach and detach.

Investing in a Harvest Screen® will give you a quick return on investment along with many years of service.

  • Eliminate crop loss on your pickup header
  • Pays for itself in a few hundred acres.
  • Installs in 10 minutes.
  • Fits any header with a 6″ beam
  • Adjustable angle
  • Sold with warranty

$748.00 CAD + GST & PST


Fits All 2012 and newer CASE IH & NEWHOLLAND 30 SERIES HEADER (6” Quick Mount Bracket)

New Header was released in late 2012 so it’s possible that some units will require a 5 ” bracket

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